Developer (m/f/d)

Your Mission

As part of our team you support us in integrating various systems into our zoo of tools and services and help us deliver the glue that holds SysEleven together. Together we create the foundation for many of our internal business processes.

You will develop a wide range of APIs and applications, help us win the battle against our legacy and take care of topics such as data management, tooling for our colleagues and invoicing.

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This means:

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What you bring with you:

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What makes you special:

  • Implementation of existing code
  • Failure analysis, bug fixing and re-factoring
  • Development of new tools and services
  • Transition of our systems to a more service-oriented architecture
  • Creation and maintenance of documentation for internal transfer of knowledge
  • Support of colleagues via code review and other forms of quality assurance
  • Experience with different programming languages and databases
  • Good understanding of and experience with CI/CD pipelines
  • Confident handling of classic tools, Makefiles and shell scripts as well as an interest in modern technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes
  • Ability and experience to move at different levels from “system” to “web UI”
  • You are a fan of the principles of simplicity, like KISS or YAGNI
  • You face existing code with acceptance and respect
  • Automation is something you live
  • You have a strong mentoring spirit and good communication skills.
  • In the meantime you have gained enough experience to know what you don’t know. This drives you to improve continuously

Your Team:

Mitarbeiteransammlung auf Dachterasse des Umspannwerks

We are the in-house development team of an ISP with managed hosting, a cloud and all other common suspects… uh, departments for and on behalf of which we develop software. We are familiar with the specific challenges of distributed systems because we work closely with our operations teams.

In many ways, we are what is known as “diverse”. Our common denominator is our interest in software development and our goal is to support our colleagues in their daily work as best we can with our solutions. Each member wears different hats and performs several tasks. At the same time all members maintain and share their diverse knowledge. There are no “specialists” here who want to bite into topic X in language Y and do nothing else. All this benefits us when we keep our eyes open for new solutions or when we handle and clean up old systems.

And we don’t have anyone who’s just here to do their work time in the same way. We attach great importance to a good team spirit and know that motivation is important.

A few more buzzwords about the languages and technologies we work with or will work with in the near future:

Python, Go, JavaScript (Node, React), Ruby, PHP, MySQL, Postgres, CouchDB, OpenStack, Docker, Kubernetes, Datev, and more.

By the way: At SysEleven we enjoy the freedom that comes with an owner-managed, successful company: We work in a relaxed, collegial atmosphere without “pressure from above” and see ourselves as people – not as resources. What we like as well at SysEleven: home office, tasty catering in the office, individually tailored further training, top equipment at the desk and much more!