Development at SysEleven

Free Space for your Development

SysEleven Benefits

We don’t have a standard recipe for how each and every person evolves. Some become Tech Lead, some try their hand at the neighboring department, and others take on responsibility as Product Owners. It’s also possible to take a step back – for us, that’s a sign of a strong character!

Number one

Which type are you?

All types are represented with us: night owls and early birds, morning grouches and good-morning-good-humor people. We have flexible working hours based on trust so that no one has to change their ways!

Number two

Work in the heart of Berlin, @home or remote

Of course we are looking forward to seeing you every day in our fancy office. But if you’d rather work in your own four walls now and then, you’re welcome to do so! And if your home is far away, we will find a solution for a remote workstation.

Number three

Bon appetit, cheers and raise your glasses!

Leave the Tupperware at home. Three times a week we have a freshly cooked (and tasty!) lunch. There is always fruit and fridges full to the brim with tasty things to fight hunger and thirst… not to mention our absurdly good coffee machine!

Number four

Go on, please!

Take a position and stay there until doomsday? Not our thing. We (and you) want to develop further by attending conferences as well as internal and external trainings. But there is (and will be) even more, because our development program is also developing further.

Number five

Your desk is your castle

Our workplaces are high quality: No slow computer should slow down your talent and no unergonomic office chair should cause you back pain. So that you can furnish your desk according to your needs, a separate budget for individual keyboard, mouse, etc. is waiting for you.

Number six

Down to the playground

SysEleven lives on innovation – and people who want something new. In order for them to be able to live that out, we offer wide freedom in which our colleagues can get to grips with new technologies like our Crunchtime. That way we stay state of the art (or even one step ahead).

Number seven

Break a leg?

Our health is our greatest asset and we must protect it, if necessary with ammunition! In addition to classic eyesight tests, yoga courses, and massage appointments, our health management team also organizes paintball events – after all, it’s also movement. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Number eight

No n00b!

Sure: If you start with us, you are new here. But you will hardly have time to feel new, because our onboarding program has it all and gives you a first-class start. In the first months particularly we will talk more often, because we want to ensure that you feel comfortable with us by holding regular small feedback talks.

Number nine

If you can party, you can work. Or the other way around?

We have many occasions to celebrate and many good reasons, too! Whether it is an achieved milestone, the summer in Berlin, a team event, or just something else entirely. And as an ISP, we can even scale the parties: Sometimes it’s spontaneous with beer and grilled sausages, sometimes on a grand scale with partners or family.

Number ten

You can choose your employer; not your family

Your kid’s sick? Then first of all: Get well soon! And secondly, family is important. So, if something unforeseen happens, we are also flexible and will find a solution with you.

Number eleven

Come as you are

We have a dress code: You dress to code. So wear whatever you feel comfortable with. And if you also like one of the SysEleven hoodies – the latest one is waiting for you already on your first day.