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Do you feel up to taking an OpenStack Cloud with 4,000 CPUs, 35 TB of RAM, and 800 TB of storage to the next level? Then we have just the thing for you.

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>> About Team Cloudstackers

As part of our team you support us in integrating various systems into our zoo of tools and services and help us deliver the glue that holds SysEleven together. Together we create the foundation for many of our internal business processes.

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>> About Team SMITH

As a Senior Data Center Engineer you will design our two data centers in Berlin together with your colleagues. This is to say in such a way that they are failsafe and maintainable and that they can be used effectively.

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>> About Team Platform

How do you run more than 3,000 servers spread over 250 projects? How do you develop sustainable solutions for such scales? Through continuous automation, we are developing more and more standards and best practices that enable us to minimize the effort for even the most complex customer setups and reduce downtime and reconstruction times.

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>> About Team Automation

To create Kubernetes systems for a service-oriented web hosting provider. To containerise the most diverse applications, while also ensuring they continue to perform at a high level. We are updating our platform and integrating a new product into our range. In the process, we need to define architecture concepts and share knowledge in order to enable our customers and partners to deploy applications on their own.

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>> About Team Kubernetes

In the interest of our customers, you develop solutions that make the operation of demanding customer setups more efficient. This includes the automation of best practices as well as solving emerging problems.

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