Career Overview

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Senior Linux System Engineer - Corporate IT (m/w/x)

You will take responsibility for this together with your team and drive forward the development of our internal application landscape.

Linux System Engineer - Corporate IT (m/w/x)

You are the internal contact for colleagues regarding internal applications. You run, maintain and drive the development of our internal applications such as Confluence, LDAP, Git, Mailserver, etc.

Product Owner Cloud (m/w/x)

You make the SysEleven Stack one of the most successful products in the German speaking region.

Developer (m/w/x)

As part of our team you support us in integrating various systems into our zoo of tools and services and help us deliver the glue that holds SysEleven together. Together we create the foundation for many of our internal business processes.

Project Assistance - Internal (m/w/x)

You support the project management at SysEleven and have an important position: By assisting your colleagues, i.e. the project managers in the area of managed hosting, they can fully concentrate on their tasks.

Project Assistance - Customer Projects (m/w/x)

As project assistant you support the project and service management in the provision of high-quality IT services.

Senior Data Center Engineer (m/w/x)

As a Senior Data Center Engineer you will design our two data centers in Berlin together with your colleagues. This is to say in such a way that they are failsafe and maintainable and that they can be used effectively.

Key Account Manager (m/w/x)

In order to make our customers’ IT operations as secure and efficient as possible, they must always be at the cutting edge of technology. You will play a key role in the strategic development of our customers and partners, assist them in migrating to new cloud platforms and support them in applying technologies that meet their needs.

Working Student Recruiting (m/w/x)

As part of the HR team, you and your team make sure that we get in touch with interesting applicants. We have a direct influence on SysEleven’s growth and success.

Working Student HR Management (m/w/x)

Together with our team, you ensure smooth implementation of HR and also office management processes. In addition, we help you discover your main topics of interest that will be the centerpiece of your future profession.

System Engineer - Automation (m/w/x)

How do you run more than 3,000 servers spread over 250 projects? How do you develop sustainable solutions for such scales? Through continuous automation, we are developing more and more standards and best practices that enable us to minimize the effort for even the most complex customer setups and reduce downtime and reconstruction times.

Site Reliability Engineer - Kubernetes (m/w/x)

To create Kubernetes systems for a service-oriented web hosting provider. To containerise the most diverse applications, while also ensuring they continue to perform at a high level. We are updating our platform and integrating a new product into our range. In the process, we need to define architecture concepts and share knowledge in order to enable our customers and partners to deploy applications on their own.

Working Student Data Center Engineer (m/w/x)

As a data center engineer you contribute to the fact that our virtualization platform is highly available. For that, you design our two data centers in Berlin together with your colleagues in such a way that they are failsafe, maintainable and effectively used.

System Engineer - Architecture (m/w/x)

On our platform we operate a wide range of technologies from the operating system to the lower edge of the application. We do not only jump onto the next hype, but together with our customers we find the right and sustainable solution.

Cloud Evangelist (m/w/x)

With our technology we release digital potentials for our customers. As a SysEleven Cloud Ambassador, you inspire customers, community, partners and colleagues with our technology and drive innovation together with our developers.

Cloud Architect (m/w/x)

You design and develop new features for our OpenStack-based public cloud, the SysEleven Stack, for the benefit of our customers.

Professional Services Consultant - Cloud (m/w/x)

In the interest of our customers, you develop solutions that make the operation of demanding customer setups more efficient. This includes the automation of best practices as well as solving emerging problems.

System Engineer - Monitoring (m/w/x)

Our monitoring enables us to operate 3,000 servers and 60,000 services with high availability. In your function you not only help us to continue to operate the system, but also to develop it further in the long term.

Tech Recruiter (m/w/x)

You’ll find the right people to help us shape the future of the Internet. You will take on all recruiter tasks – but without 08/15 processes and with cutting edge topics from the tech scene, which we not only understand but live through and through.