OpenStack Summit 2018 in Berlin: Review of Three Days on Clouds

From Tuesday to Thursday the OpenStack Summit 2018 took place in Berlin. As sponsor and exhibitor, we accompanied and helped shape the event. Now, after the event, it’s about time for a review of our highlights.

Our impressions in a short clip

To the point: Well attended lectures at the OpenStack Summit!

In two lectures, our experts presented insights into their work and their solutions. On Tuesday Simon and Bastian held a lecture on “Auto Scaling Kubernetes Cluster on OpenStack”. Despite the late hour (5:10pm – and remember beer had already been served) the room was full to the brim!

Bastian has uploaded the slides for the talk on Speakerdeck. Here’s the video of the lecture:

The other lecture came from Jan and Steffen: The two explained how SysEleven runs a public cloud with OpenStack and regulates 2,500 reboots per year (!).

Big applause at the end when Steffen announces that the team has made the code for the reboot available as open source:

Steffen uploaded the slides to the lecture: to the slides. Here’s the video of the presentation:

Jenga, pizza and beer in the lounge for the OpenStack Community

When we took over the sponsorship of the Community Lounge, we had a thought: the international public might not have a clue about how grey Novembers can get in Berlin. Those who visit our lounge should experience Berlin the way we like it the most: sunny, bright, with a green meadow and relaxed lounging options. The perfect environment to take a nap, work a little on the computer or just enjoy yourself.

Next to the lounge we have built up a huge Jenga game, which pretty much attracted the attention of the guests – not only when the tower collapsed loudly time and again (BOOM!). In addition, we served beer every day from four o’clock, with love for the detail of course!

Who visits the SysEleven Community Lounge at the OpenStack Summit, …

… can get comfy and recharge the battery or …

… or play some Jenga with the fellow visitors at the summit. This could be a pretty shaky affair …

… lead to very high towers. For this specimen the two colleagues had to use the bar stool to get to the top.

When there was a coffee break next to the SysEleven Community Lounge at the same time, things could get quite crowded.

Starting at 4pm, we served our beers, the Worldwhitewheat and Pods Pils. Great Taste of Automation!

We have come up with a special programme item for Wednesday: we have invited a cartoonist to make drawings by our visitors. They could choose from three templates: Warrior, Boy Scout or Wizard. At first, the offer was only hesitantly accepted, but as soon as the beers were distributed from four onwards, things looked entirely different again. Most popular character by the way: the warrior.

Scout, Warrior oder Gatekeeper? Who dared, could choose a character …

… and could get drawn within four minutes time and …

… take the picture home. This here is our colleague Renat …

… and that’s our HR manager Melanie.

And since we were still hungry after the lunches, we decided to declare Pizza Time a new tradition in the SysEleven Community Lounge. An (open) stack full of family pizzas for our new friends, all the other visitors to the summit and the many SysEleven colleagues. First come, first serve.

At the booth to the hoodies and giant Lego sets

There’s a lot going on at the Marketplace of the OpenStack Summit – and of course at our booth as well: On the one hand this is because we rely on OpenStack for our public cloud. On the other hand, we also offer a Kubernetes as a Service (MetaKube), which many people hadn’t heard of before. We were also able to show interested visitors the products “in real” since we had our Cloud and Kubernetes experts with us.

Typical for SysEleven: We brought along our current hoodie collection! We felt like we were dressing the whole OpenStack Summit, so that towards the end someone was always walking around in the SysEleven jackets. That just looked great!

By the way, every day we raffled off a Lego set at our stand:

Appropriately the raffle took place during our beer time and …

… Tim has taken over the moderation. One of the Lego sets went to …

…this visitor. It is still unclear who will have more fun with it: he or his children.

See you next time?

Goodbye, OpenStack Summit 2018! We had a great time and are happy to have met many new people and old acquaintances!

Will we meet again at the next Summit? We do hope so very much! But before we get there, the CloudFest will take place as the next big Cloud event. And we have already put this date on our calendar! More about this soon![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]