DDoS Protection

SysEleven DDoS Guard

For effective protection against attacks, we offer customers of our Cloud, Managed Cloud, and Carrier Services a package of measures to defend against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS): The SysEleven DDoS Guard protects against various types of attacks and ensures the availability of your application.

DDoS Protection made in Berlin

Our all-round carefree protection

We have designed the SysEleven DDoS Guard to offer effective DDoS protection at transparent costs. Powerful components as well as the know-how of our cloud and network teams offer you all-round, carefree protection.

Effective DDoS Protection

The SysEleven DDoS Guard combines relevant defense and protection methods at both hardware and software level. These include DDoS scrubbing appliances, DDoS protection of the F5 load balancer, firewall appliances with geo-filtering and blocking, FlowSpec filtering, DDoS protection profiles, and more.

Clear pricing with flat rates

We operate our own fiberoptic ring with an external connection of over 400 Gbit/s. This enables us to intercept attacks at up to 250 Gbit/s guaranteed.

A transparent and intelligent pricing model

We believe that effective DDoS protection should not lead to exploding costs. That’s why we offer a monthly flat rate for SysEleven DDoS Protection based on your needs, which includes a fixed attack duration and fends off attack volumes of up to 250 Gbit/s.

Protect yourself effectively with the SysEleven DDoS Guard! Let’s get in touch: