MetaKube | Managed Kubernetes

Ballast overboard!

With MetaKube, the Managed Kubernetes Solution by SysEleven

With MetaKube you get Kubernetes as a Service and powerful, essential add-ons – made and managed by SysEleven.

Your operations and development department is relieved of necessary but time-consuming routine work. At the same time, you retain control and maximum transparency.

Thanks to MetaKube you gain momentum!

MetaKube Benefits

Ready to go!

With MetaKube you can start your first Kubernetes cluster in less than 5 minutes! MetaKube deploys, scales and restores – fully automated!

Carefree usage

We take over all important tasks such as updates and backups. For you this means more time for the development of your projects.

Focus on standards

Not only in the provision of services but also in the development of software and products. With MetaKube, we use industry standards that protect you from unnecessary vendor lock-ins.


Our MetaKube team is available for support requests. In addition, we share our knowledge for the efficient use of MetaKube in workshops.

Integrate CI/CD pipelines

Integrate your CI/CD pipelines to take full advantage of automation. We are happy to share our best practices with you.

HA, backup und monitoring

With MetaKube, you use a highly available solution for container orchestration including backup and monitoring of your clusters.

MetaKube Add-On Features

Lifecycle Management

MetaKube has a complete Lifecycle Management, which takes over software updates for your Kubernetes completely.


The GUI of MetaKube allows you a user-friendly overview and easy administration of your clusters.


We keep an eye on your clusters and inform you in case of irregularities.

Load Balancer as a Service

We provide LBaaS for automatic load distribution.

Backup & Recovery

With a fully functional backup module you can store all data and settings on our infrastructure and restore them at will.

100% Kubernetes Standard Features

Automated Bin-Packing

Automatic bin-packing of the containers to the instances.

Automated Rollout & Rollback

Automated rollout if there are changes to the application or configuration. If errors occur, Kubernetes performs a rollback.

Automatic Scaling

Kubernetes scales applications, by a simple command or automatically according to CPU utilization.

Storage Orchestration and Self Healing

Supports various storage providers via storage classes and APIs. Kubernetes restarts containers, deletes or replaces them as required.

Service Discovery

All services and endpoints are given their own DNS names. Kubernetes can distribute the requests between them.

Your advantages with MetaKube

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With MetaKube you have all the benefits of Kubernetes with the peace of mind of a managed service from SysEleven.


Our team of developers and Site Reliability Engineers (SRE) continuously develops and operates solutions for the most important topics that go beyond pure Kubernetes: We monitor the status of your clusters, provide you with SaaS solutions such as Load Balancer as a Service and solutions for backup & recovery.

Focus your development on the valuable application containers, not on the operation of the port!

Your easy start with Kubernetes

MetaKube References

With Kubernetes we are much more flexible in our CI/CD pipeline. For our customer Deutsche Bahn we rely on MetaKube from SysEleven to have the advantages of Kubernetes and to meet the high data protection requirements of a public company.


MetaKube Dive-In Workshop with our experts

In a one-day workshop we will show you how to deploy container landscapes including Network & Service Discovery. Sign up today!

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