Availability and Performance

With the cloud to high-performance setups with 99.9 percent uptime

If the availability and performance of your application is critical to success, cloud environments bring significant advantages: By keeping hardware virtualized and by not binding instances to a single physical server, they provide additional resilience and higher uptime. New instances can be quickly added so that you can flexibly scale your environment as required.

Technologically, cloud environments have matured in a way that they hardly have any differences in performance compared to non-virtualized hardware. With the right choice of branded hardware, you get high-performance cloud instances.

More than 11 years of experience for best practices

When creating setups, we rely on the many years of expertise and best practice experience of our interdisciplinary teams: We maximize the availability of the setups by creating your components distributed in geo-redundant data centers and relieving them via load balancers according to the round-robin principle. We plan databases according to the master-slave principle and thus achieve a high level of accessibility.

Using various caching models, we reduce the workload of the virtual servers and thereby accelerate your applications. For excellent availability of your servers, more than 400 Gbit/s bandwidth is available via our own fiber ring – within the data centers all servers are connected with at least 1 GBit/s.

With standardized and extended service processes we monitor your servers so that we can proactively make changes and further optimize the availability and performance of the setups. Depending on the service level agreements, we guarantee an uptime of up to 99.9 percent.

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